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14 March 2018The Making of Assisi
11 April 2018Benin Bronzes: Masterpieces of African Art
09 May 2018Foreigners in London 1520 to 1677: The artists who changed the course of British Art.
13 June 2018Thomas Heatherwick - The Leonardo de Vinci of our times

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The Making of Assisi Janet Robson Wednesday 14 March 2018

In artistic terms, the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi is the most important medieval church in Italy. Every inch of its walls and vaults are covered in frescoes by great masters from Rome, Florence and Siena. This lecture explains how the Franciscans at Assisi designed the content of the St. Francis cycle, and its arrangement, not only to proclaim St. Francis as the greatest of saints and to act as a mission statement for the Franciscan Order, but also to honour their papal patron. The sanctuary of the Lower Church was repainted in the early fourteenth century by Giotto and Pietro Lorenzetti.

Dr Janet Robson is an art historian. She has over a decade of lecturing experience.  She has published extensively on thirteenth and fourteenth-century Italian art. The lecture draws on her book 'The Making of Assisi: the Pope, the Franciscans and the Painting of the Basilica'.