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12 June 2019Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the Artists
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08 January 2020Rene Lalique: Master of Art Nouveau Jewellery and Art Deco Glass
12 February 2020Raphael: A Master in the Making

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Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the Artists Karin Fernald Wednesday 12 June 2019

The talk discussed themes from the worlds of art, society and the English Court in the l840's and 50's, as seen through the eyes of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert; Lady Lyttelton, the Royal governess; and some favourite Royal  artists. The Queen and Prince Albert were keen to promote English artists. They made friends with Edwin Landseer, who charmed them with portraits of royal children and dogs, and with his ability to draw two different things at the same time with different hands. Another artist friend, Franz Xavier Winterhalter, painted the Queen without sentimentality, to her satisfaction. This lecture also touches on Prince Albert, the builder Thomas Cubitt and Osborne House; and on the national craze for everything medieval, in which the royal couple shared.