17 November 2018Tour of Westminster Abbey with the Purcell Singers
28 October 2018New Dawn light sculpture lecture
02 May 2017Press Release for 20th Anniversary
08 March 2017LeDFAS 20th Birthday
02 February 2017Old Bailey visit.
09 July 2016Art Exhibitions July-September 2016
30 June 2016June Robinson receives BEM
30 March 2016Are you visiting Australia or New Zealand?
04 January 2016Hosting a Lecturer
01 March 2013CELEBRATING 2012
06 September 2011Car Parking and Coach Pick-Ups:Leatherhead Leisure Centre

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Tour of Westminster Abbey with the Purcell Singers
Saturday 17 November 2018

50 members visit to Westminster Abbey chimed in perfectly with the First World War remembrance events that had been happening. It was a privilege to be there. 

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