Church Recorders began in the mid 1970s when it became evident that many of our churches and their contents were in a very poor state of repair. It was decided that it was necessary to begin work in recording in detail every object, stone and window held within every Parish Church in the country. It is the preservation of our artistic heritage that was in danger of being lost. This resulted in the formation of the Church Recorder group within NADFAS supported by the V & A and the Council for the Conservation of Churches.

Church Recording is the compiling of detailed descriptions of everything that can be found within a Church. This includes, amongst other aspects, stonework, windows, mosaics, paintings, monuments, furniture and fittings. Many Churches lose things through vandalism, theft or arson. These records are therefore produced before ruin, development, desecration and moth take their toll! The detailed record is in an easily read format and is available for study by researchers as well as by Police in tracing stolen articles. Drawings and photographs enhance the written statements and are useful for identification purposes for restoration and repair.

Our church recording team completed a record of the Leatherhead Parish Church of St Mary and St Nicholas in 2006. The group reformed in 2008 to begin work on a record of the Catholic church of our Lady and St Peter. We have nine sections and normally work in pairs.

The Church Record for Our Lady and St Peter was completed in July 2013 and presented to the Church in August 2013

A new team has been formed to compile a record of the Church of St Mary, Fetcham, and will hold its first meeting in July 2016. This has since been put on hold until a larger team can be recruited.