Young Arts is a NADFAS initiative which aims to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts together with an awareness of our immense cultural and artistic heritage. In its choice of projects and initiatives each year, LeDFAS hopes to have alerted large numbers of young people from varying backgrounds to the sheer scale and diversity of the decorative arts and the role they play in our daily lives.

In 2007, following a decision to consolidate the activities of the local Leatherhead Trinity Primary School onto a single site LeDFAS worked with the art and pottery department, contributing £500 towards the creation of hundreds of decorative ceramic tiles for incorporation into the new buildings.

For two years, between 2008-9, LeDFAS worked closely with BFree Café, a local after school club for children aged 10-16, on two highly practical and participative projects. Two workshops were held in 2008 enabling groups of up to 15 young people to model in clay, decorate and fire their own Venetian masks and tiles.

In 2009 the society paid for an experienced graphic designer and photographer to tutor members in producing individual portraits of themselves using a range of painting, computer, photographic and collage effects in the style of cubism, Picasso being the students’ main source of inspiration.

Our most recent project involves the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation, a locally headquartered charity which helps to rehabilitate children and young adults injured in accidents, making extensive use of practical painting, photography, music and the performing arts. A £545 grant will enable the art department to purchase a much needed addition to their photographic and video equipment.

LeDFAS has also worked successfully with other societies in the area in mounting a much prized annual “A” Level Art Competition amongst local schools. Our Young Arts have teamed up with Church Recorders with an exciting new project: Church Trails for Children which offers children of all the ages an opportunity to explore churches in our area and learn that there is more than meets the eye in many of these buildings.